Ten Development Mistakes To Watch Out For

In software development, the developer needs to be careful of many things. Whether coding or anything, if one mistake happens, software can have bugs and it will malfunction.
Here are some mistakes that should be avoided while developing software:

1. “Pregnant Woman” Mistake:

This name has been given due to a logic that fact about a woman giving birth to a child in nine months does not mean that nine women can give birth to a child in one month. Thus, one should not go for the option to deploy maximum number of developers for a project. Too many workers can cause friction and disturb coordination.


2. Wrong Metrics:

Metrics are needed to measure, success, status, progress, performance reviews, analysis etc. Wrong metrics can give wrong insights and create false impressions. Thus, you should be bewaring of wrong metrics.


3. Estimating times too far out:

If project manager think that they know what pieces of functionality any given developer will be working on more than a month or two, they are making a mistake, even if the task does not aim at very large or broad piece of functionality. Software development is unpredictable. Even if it is possible for you to prevent or account for all the usual things that alter timelines and priorities, there is still little guarantee that things will take the time that you expect them to take.


4. Estimating times too broadly:

Many times, managers make the mistake of not breaking large tasks into smaller tasks. They should divide the tasks into smaller tasks with achievable targets. This helps in keeping a track of status of the project.


5. Failing to account for tasks:

Many times, deadlines in software development projects go for a toss because people fail to account for the task on daily basis. Crucial tasks like testing are not scheduled in advance. Such mistakes should not happen.


6. Poor Communication:

As said earlier, lack of coordination has negative impact on the project. Therefore, it is important to keep everyone in the loop. Lack of communication can generate mistrust between IT team and business team. Therefore, one should ensure that there is proper communication within the staff.


7. Disconnected business priorities:

Sometimes, there is a vast difference within the organization regarding the priority of the project. One department may view one project as high priority while other department may have a different opinion. This should not happen. Projects regarding software development should be prioritized properly as each project is time-consuming and each project is essential to its respective client.


8. Constructing a wall of process:

Sometimes, the development team feels overwhelmed due to responsibilities and workload. Thus, some developers establish a lot of process to slow things down. To avoid this situation, developers should be consulted while the schedule is being planned for them. The manager should know how much time a developer needs to work on a project.


9. Adding workforce being assumed as speeding up the procedure:

Many times, managers add more developers to a project and feel that this will speed up the procedure. They forget that workers immediately cannot get a hold of activities going on there. Thus, new developers should be allowed to understand and get a hold of things.


10. Multi-tasking:

Many people feel that multi-tasking is a great skill but they forget that this “skill” reduces concentration on one activity and none of the tasks get full attention of developer. Thus, multi-tasking should be avoided. One work at a time enhances quality.


CodeClouds takes care that the mistakes listed here do not happen in their organization. Thus, we are ready to develop quality softwares for you.



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