Must-Know Skype Techniques For Your Business

Using Skype for business is nothing short of normal for a lot of entrepreneurs, but not everyone is aware of all of Skype’s neat features. These can enable smooth and fast communication within your business, such as online meetings and presentations.

Video conferencing has been around for quite some time, but we can say that its utility has never been quite as exciting as it is today – especially when it comes to Skype. These days, Skype is no longer a way to say hi to someone from the other side of the world; it’s become an extremely reliable tool for businesses, locally and internationally. Here are four techniques that will fine-tune your Skype-ing skills so you can really maximize all of its neat features for better business gains.

  1. Share yourself, and your screen. Business users of Skype treat it just like any other video conferencing tool, but many people miss out on its ability to conduct actual presentations. Apart from just showing yourself, you can also show your computer screen so your clients can watch a presentation or witness you demonstrate a webpage or a new product on-screen. To do this, start a video call using the Skype client. Once connected, click on the + icon found on the call bar and choose Share screens. A pop-up box will appear, and you then click Start to share your desktop. Want to share only one window or a specific program on Skype? Click the drop down arrow and choose Share window, then choose what you want to share and then click on Start. If you want to do this during a group conference instead of just a one-on-one meeting, you’ll have to get Skype premium.
  1. Keep meeting minutes by recording your calls. Recording your calls allow you to go back on what was discussed to make a proper (and complete) run-down on the important points that were discussed. Impress clients with your professionalism by getting back to them later with a comprehensive rundown of what transpired during the meeting – topics covered, agreements made, and other points to consider. There are some Skype apps (both free and paid) that you can use to record calls, and these work with Skype-to-Skype, Skype Conference, Skype Online Number Calls, and SkypeOut.
  1. Skype Online Number. You might already have a Skype button right on your website, which is good for letting your clients know that they have a direct line to your business. However, upping the ante means getting a Skype Online Number to further streamline all your calls and communications into a singular channel. A Skype Online Number is just like having a dedicated business phone that lets people call you via landline and mobile phone. This feature makes Skype really flexible for both outbound and inbound calling. Whenever you get a call, the program rings all in the same way regardless of call source and even has caller ID that shows up on-screen. This feature costs $18 for three months’ use, or you can pay the annual rate of $60. These prices already include other features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and the option to associate up to ten different numbers with a single Skype account.
  1. Maximize Skype’s cheap text messaging option. With Skype, you can use your mobile phone and send text messages to your contacts anywhere in the world at a price which is much cheaper than carrier charges. It also makes things more efficient, given that you can text your co-worker right through your PC instead of having to rifle through your bag, retrieve your mobile phone, and compose a message for them.

These tips will really help make your use of Skype more efficient – and for sure, your clients will notice the improvement in terms of your professionalism and newfound tech know-how!



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